GMO Cookies X Legend OG

Primary Terpenes

 Limonene, Myrcene, Caryophyllene

Common Uses

Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Pain

Prepare to embark upon a sophisticated journey courtesy of Fatso, a distinguished creation hailing from the meticulous breeders at Cannarado in the picturesque landscapes of Colorado. This exquisite strain, the progeny of the illustrious GMO Cookies and Legend OG, unfolds a harmonious tapestry of refined gas, regal Kush, and delicate Cookie flavors that are nothing short of captivating. With lofty THC levels and an opulent cloak of trichomes, Fatso stands as a veritable masterpiece, a delight for connoisseurs with an appreciation for the finer aspects of cannabis. Yet, a word of sage advice: ensure you are ensconced luxuriously by your preferred divan before indulgence, for once the symphony begins, you shall find no inclination to depart. Fatso transcends the realm of a mere strain; it is a timeless odyssey of grandeur.