We take pride in our cultivation process with emphasis on a clean and high quality result

AIMS is a true connoisseur’s brand

We strongly believe in investing our time, energy and resources in producing the highest quality product a true connoisseur can enjoy at price everyone can afford. To make this possible we’ve taken years of growing experience combined with state of the art cultivation equipment and some of the finest genetics available in the world.

Premium Cannabis Selection, Vapes, Joints, Pre-packs, Indica, Sativa, Hybrid

One taste of our premium flower and you will know exactly what we mean by saying we are “Always on Point”.

Packaged Flower




AIMS History

AIMS started off as an in house cultivator for our sister company Healthy Herbal Care located in Van Nuys around 2006. When things went recreational we were fortunate enough to be granted a 2nd license for a separate cultivation facility and AIMS as we know today was born. As a whole, we have been cultivating indoor cannabis for over 12 years constantly adapting new techniques, implementing innovations and updating equipment to maximize the quality of our product. We now exist as a smaller “Mom and Pop” style brand whose only goal is to provide an incredible, connoisseur level product at an affordable price.

We take a hands on, caring approach to everything we do, from cultivation to packaging and distribution.

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